Belkasoft Evidence Center X Computer

SKU: S8134

Belkasoft Evidence Center X Computer edition is an all-in-one digital forensics and incident response solution for acquiring, extracting, analyzing, and reporting digital evidence from computers, mobile devices, RAM, and the cloud.  X Computer has been developed as a cost-effective solution for investigators in local law enforcement, small to medium consulting companies and individual private investigators / digital forensic consultants.

Key features include:

  • Extract data from hard drives, mount & analyze hard drives, disk images, virtual machines, and RAM
  • Mount forensically sound images from third party forensic applications and imagers
  • Examine & analyze hundreds of artifacts:  chats, browsers, mailboxes, documents, pictures, and videos
  • Perform analytics with Connection Graph, Timeline, and advanced picture analysis
  • Conduct examinations into file and folder contents with File System Explorer
  • Locate evidence with Registry and SQLite Viewers
  • Find hidden or deleted data with file and data carving

One year license, includes SMS.  Renewable annually.

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