Belkasoft Triage

SKU: S8137

Belkasoft Triage is a digital forensic and incident response tool developed for quick analysis of a live computer and for making a partial image of important data.  This new triage tool is designed to assist first responders or investigators at a crime scene quickly identify and obtain specific digital evidence.  Belkasoft Triage is launched from a dongle connected to a device being investigated.

Key features include:

  • Detect over 1500 artifact types and profiles for Windows and MacOS
  • Quickly acquire RAM from machines running Windows
  • Detect presence of virtual machines, memory files, and mobile backups
  • Detect skin tones in discovered picturess
  • Instant alerts for known hash matches
  • Export discovered results partially or via a full report
  • Select evidence to be exported

One year license with SMS.  Renewable annually.  Excludes dongle delivery fee.

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