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Detego Covert

SKU: S3008

Made for undercover operations, Detego® Covert is a portable exploitation tool that discretely acquires passwords, system information, files, internet artifacts, deleted data and even a complete forensic copy of the target device.

Features and benefits include:

  • Acquire intelligence at sensitive sites:  Covert is used by elite police units and special forces worldwide, to quickly and discretely acquire evidence
  • Low training burden: With limited training, non-technical operatives can be equiped with a tool capable of acquiring instant, actionable intelligence.
  • Full portable: Covert software is licensed to a removable USB device, creating a highly portable, pocket sized investigative tool

Detego® Covert is an add-on module to Detego® Field Triage.

Standard license is one-year including SMS.  Two and three year license options are available.

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