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FRED DX Forensic Workstation

SKU: F1230

FRED DX is our Dual Intel Xeon® Scalable Processor powered Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device.  Purpose built and packaged into a standard-sized FRED steel chassis, the FRED DX provides exceptional performance for software applications requiring multi-core, multi-threaded processing.

FRED DX systems are built with top-quality, leading edge, proven technology and optimized for Digital Forensics and eDiscovery work.  Purchasing a FRED DX is an investment that will improve your productivity regardless of the tasks being performed.

FRED DX systems also include a number of exclusive system components such as the Digital Intelligence UltraBay 4d Write Blocker and the Digital Intelligence Ventilated Imaging Shelf.

New FRED DX purchases include the one-day "Digital Forensics with FRED" (DFF) class held at Digital Intelligence headquarters in New Berlin Wisconsin.

All FRED systems include a standard 36 month warranty and lifetime technical support.

Dimensions: 23 ⅞" High, 9 ¾" Wide, 25 ¼" Deep (With Feet)
                     23 ¼" High, 8 ½" Wide, 25 ¼" Deep (Without Feet)
Weight: 85 lbs

FRED DX systems shipped from Digital Intelligence (New Berlin, WI) include:

  • FRED DX forensic workstation, configured per customer requirements
  • System restore media - bootable Blu-ray disk containing restore environment and factory configured operating system images
  • Symantec Ghost software
  • Tableau Imager (TIM)
  • 103 key keyboard and mouse combo - wireless
  • Forensic toolbox containing drive adapters and power / signal cables (SAS, SATA, IDE, microSATA, SATA LIF, MacBook Air, Blade SSD)
  • PCIe SSD drive adapters (PCIe SSD m.2 NVMe, 2013 or newer MacBook Pro SSD, and server class PCIe SSD)
  • Security screwdriver set with assorted bits for opening enclosures

New FRED DX purchases include the one-day "Digital Forensics with FRED" (DFF) class held at Digital Intelligence headquarters in New Berlin, WI


  • Motherboard Chipset
  • OS
  • CPU (Qty 2 x Xeon® Scalable Processor Series)
  • RAM
  • Graphics Card - Upgrades may delay fulfillment of order due to market shortage.
  • OS Drive
  • Drive 2 - SATA Interface
  • Drive 3 - SATA Interface
  • Drive 4 - USB 3.1 Interface
  • Drive 5 - USB 3.1 Interface
  • Drive 6 - USB 3.1 Interface
  • Drive 7 - USB 3.1 Interface
  • Tape Drive
  • NIC (Network Interface Card) Options are in addition to the on-board 1 Gigabit network ports
  • Training

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