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GPU PowerStation Password Recovery

SKU: F1560

The GPU PowerStation password recovery appliance is designed and optimized for massive parallel processing and computation using GPU acceleration.

The "More" Tab above lists GPU Powerstation password performance information and power requirements.

Please note:  This product is not currently available due to component shortages

The first table below displays sample performance tests of a few common file types.  4 card units perform at approximately 50% of the values shown below.  The second table indicates power requirements. 

Versions of software used for testing were:

Passware PKF 2019.3.1

Elcomsoft EDPR 4.10.1245

Password Type
Elcomsoft EDPR

8 x RTX 2080 Cards

Office 20071,100,000 p/s1,340,000 p/s
Office 2010614,000 p/s702,000 p/s
Office 2013-2016109,000 p/s130,000 p/s
FileVault/APFSN/A92,000 p/s
iTunes Backup 8.31,630,000 p/s1,554,400 p/s
RAR 5.x434,000 p/s530,600 p/s

8 x RTX 2080Ti Cards

Office 2007

1,580,000 p/s1,768,000 p/s
Office 2010901,000 p/s916,300 p/s
Office 2013-2016152,000 p/s166,300 p/s
FileVault/APFSN/A126,000 p/s
iTunes Backup 8.31,570,000 p/s2,476,800 p/s
RAR 5.x663,000 p/s702,000 p/s

Power Requirements
Voltage4 GPU cards8 GPU Cards
120 Volts

Qty 1 x 20 amp circuit
with 4 receptacles

Qty 2 x 20 amp circuits
with 2 receptacles each

230 Volts

Qty 1 x 16 amp
with  4 receptacles 

Qty 1 x 16 amp
with  4 receptacles


  • Motherboard Chipset
  • OS
  • CPU (Qty 2 x Xeon® Scalable Processor Series)
  • RAM
  • GPU Cards for Acceleration
  • OS Drive - SATA Interface

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