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Passware Decryptum Password Recovery Appliance

SKU: D9600

Passware Decryptum Model #DPR-2080Ti-12-4U rackmount liquid cooled password recovery appliance.

Decryptum is engineered to reduce brute-force password attack times through the use of TURBO-RTX2080TI-11G graphics acceleration cards.  Critical components of the system such as the CPU, GPU, and GPU related components are liquid cooled to ensure maximum, extended, stable and continuous password attacks.

Fast, quiet, and with low power consumption (PUE less than 1.05).   Works with Passware Kit Forensic.

The Decryptum Product Brief and Decryptum Tech Specs are available in the Digital Intelligence website document library.

Each DPR-2080Ti-12-4U Decryptum includes the following:

  1. Decryptum Freecooler in 4U rackmount enclosure (x1)
  2. Decryptum PR 2080Ti/12  in 4U rackmount enclosure (x1)
  3. Liqud cooler tubing with quick disconnect coupling (x2)
  4. Switching cable (x1)
  5. Power supply (x3)
  6. User manual (x1)

DPR-2080Ti-12-4U Decryptum technical specifications

Each single system consists of a 4U GPU-Server and 4U Freecooler module.  Total 42U for 5 systems with 19" racks.

Operating System:   Linux/Windows 10 Pro

CPU: Intel i9-9900K CPU, 8 cores, 3.6 GHz (5.0 GHz turbo boost), 16 MB SmartCache (x1)

Motherboard: Intel LGA-115a ATX

Chipset: Intel H370

GPU: ASUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 graphics processor card (x12)

Liquid cooling: 6 double-sided fullcover waterblocks for 12x nVidia RTX 2080Ti (copper cold plates remove heat from  GPU chip, memory, VRM). 1 CPU waterblock.

Network connectivity: 1 LAN 1000Mbps

AC power recommendations: 220VAC power source with 4x C13 or 4x Schuko power sockets for each device setup.  Total 4x for each Decryptum system (3x 1600W for each 4U GPU Server and 1x 110W for each 4U Freecooler module)

Rack recommendations: 19 inch rack 120 cm deep with 42U available

Note:  Decryptum is designed to run on 110VAC or 208VAC (recommended).  Please consult the Decryptum User Manual for additional information.

Decryptum unit does not include rack rails.

Decryptum Benchmark Tests Using Passware Kit Forensic

Encryption Type
Passwords / Second
MS Office 2010
MS Office 2013+
macOS / FileVault2 / APFS
Apple iTunes Backup / iOS 10.x
RAR 5.x Archive
MS Windows / BitLocker

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