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UltraKit v4.1 + TD2U

SKU: W3832

The UltraKit v4.1 is a portable kit which contains a complete family of UltraBlock hardware write blockers along with adapters and connectors for use in acquiring a forensically sound image of virtually any hard drive or storage device you may encounter. Simply select the appropriate Write Protected UltraBlock and attach it to the source drive and use your desktop or laptop to acquire a forensically protected disk image to an internal drive or externally connected drive enclosure.

UltraKit v4.1 + TD2u Contents

  • TD2u Kit
  • Power Supply (TP5/X1030)
  • UltraBlock USB 3.0 IDE/SATA (T35u)
  • UltraBlock SAS (T6u)
  • UltraBlock USB3 (T8u)
  • UltraBlock FireWire (T9)
  • UltraBlock Forensic Card Reader (W2525)
  • Two UltraBlock Power Supplies (TP2/X1000)
  • Cables and Adapters.
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