DFFAD - Access Data FTK Boot Camp
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DFFAD - Access Data FTK Boot Camp


Digital Intelligence's AccessData FTK Boot Camp (DFFAD) is a comprehensive, three-day course designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct digital acquisitions and investigations using FTK Toolkit.  

Students who attend DFFAD are invited to take the Digital Forensics with FRED (DFF) class at no additional charge.  DFFAD is taught Tuesday-through-Thursday so students can combine DFFAD with the one-day DFF class offered on Mondays.  This makes the best use of each student's travel time and maximizes hands-on instruction with the combined FRED + FTK solution.


This course combines the one-day Digital Forensics with FRED and three-days of FTK Boot Camp.  Additional tools covered and used in class are FTK ImagerTM, Password Recovery Toolkit (PRTKTM), and Registry ViewerTM.

Participants will use AccessData products to conduct forensic investigations on Microsoft® Windows® systems, learning where and how to locate Windows system    artifacts.

Upon course completion, attendees should be able to:

  • Install AccessData software tools
  • Image, acquire, export, and create forensic images
  • Access and review registry entries
  • Create a case, process and analyze documents, metadata, graphics, and e-mails using FTK
  • Use bookmarks / checkmarks to efficiently manage and process a case
  • Update / customize the KFF database
  • Manage evidence using file filters
  • Perform searches using regular expressions and imported search lists
  • Carve unallocated disk space
  • Create and customize reports
  • Recover passwords using PRTK
  • Gain practical experience with FTK indexing
  • Create custom dictionaries using the FTK indexing
  • Create regular expressions
  • Use Registry Viewer to locate evidentiary information in Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  • Integrate Registry Viewer with FTK
  • Recover forensic information from Recycle Bin INDO2 files
  • Recovery forensic information from various Windows XP artifacts
  • Create a PRTK custom dictionary using an FTK word list
  • Add SAM and Syskey values to PRTK to recover passwords and decrypt files
  • Recover EFS encrypted files on Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems


This hands-on class is intended for new users, particularly forensic professionals and law enforcement personnel, who use AccessData forensic software to examine,   analyze and classify digital evidence.

To obtain the maximum benefit from this class, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Read and understand the English language
  • Perform basic operations on a personal computer
  • Have basic knowledge of computer forensic investigations and acquisition procedures
  • Be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment


Downloadable course syllabus



Title Dates Location
DFFAD - Access Data FTK Boot Camp - ONLINE ONLY (9am-5pm Eastern Time) Mar 22, 2022 (Tue) -
Mar 24, 2022 (Thu)
Eastern Time Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

DFFAD - Access Data FTK Boot Camp - ONLINE ONLY (Mountain Time) May 10, 2022 (Tue) -
May 12, 2022 (Thu)
Mountain Time Digital Intelligence Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

DFFAD - Access Data FTK Boot Camp - HYBRIND LIVE AND ONLINE (Pacific Time) Jul 26, 2022 (Tue) -
Jul 28, 2022 (Thu)
Pacific Time Digital Intelligence Classroom AND Virtual Classroom

17165 W. Glendale Drive
New Berlin, WI 53151


Virtual Classroom

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