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Digital Forensics

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Icon data collection and preservation

Data Collection & Preservation

Acquire and securely store electronic data from digital computers, storage media, cell phones, mobile devices, and cloud-based sources in a legally sound, defensible manner.
Icon computer forensics

Computer Forensics

Examine and analyze electronic data obtained from digital media to recover, identify, preserve, report, and present facts about the digital information.
Icon cell phone and mobile forensics

Cell Phone & Mobile Forensics

Examine and analyze electronic data obtained from cell phones and mobile devices to recover, identify, preserve, and present facts about the digital information.
Icon email forensics

eMail Forensics

Examine and analyze e-mails to understand and report factual information on the sender, receiver, message content, message threading, subject matter, and timestamp of electronic communication.
Icon social media forensics

Social Media Forensics

Collect, aggregate, and examine electronic information originating from the use of social media platforms and on-line data sources.
Icon memory analysis

Memory Analysis

Use of sophisticated tools or techniques to acquire, analyze, and report on digital information from electronic memory chips in computer systems, cell phones, and mobile devices.
Icon forensic neutral services

Forensic Neutral Services

Provide court appointed, litigant neutral digital forensic services for computers, cell phones, mobile devices, e-mail, and electronic memory devices.
Icon forensic analysis and reporting

Forensic Analysis & Reporting

Review, process, filter, recover, aggregate, and interpret digital data for the purpose of preparing a factual, logical, and written report of the findings.
Icon expert testimony

Expert Testimony

Provide expert legal testimony about ESI and the processing of ESI obtained from computers, storage media, mobile devices, cell phones, and various electronic devices.
Icon digital forensic technology and training

Digital Forensic Technology Training

Instructor led courses designed to provide a solid foundation of the digital forensic process and the use of advanced technologies for acquiring and analyzing electronic information.

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