Looking at Content and Connections

eDiscovery focuses on content and relationships. So, in eDiscovery cases it is typical to think of "documents" (individual emails, spreadsheets, contracts, etc.) and "custodians" (the people who have the documents).

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It is easy for document counts to range from the tens of thousands up to the millions and to involve anywhere from a handful to a few hundred custodians. To manage this complexity demands tools that are effective at indexing data, removing duplicates and displaying the results in ways like visual graphs that make it easier for the examiner to understand relationships within the data.

Software for eDiscovery

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Processing Large Quantities of Documents

eDiscovery software generally builds indexes to organize and cross reference the large number of documents found in eDiscovery cases. Indexing is a processing and IO-bandwidth intensive operation that benefits greatly from having the correct hardware. Once having indexed an eDiscovery case it is typical for one or more "reviewers" to examine documents in order to categorize and tag them. Document review is often a team exercise that benefits from having networked access to each case's index and corresponding documents.

Building your organization's processes around systems like the Digital Intelligence FREDC Data Center allows you to optimize indexing, storage and shared access to critical eDiscovery case data.

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FREDC Data Centers
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