Digital Intelligence
We Are Digital Intelligence
A general introduction to the Digital Intelligence organization.
FRED Value
Learn what makes FRED the leading forensic workstation worldwide.
Forensics & eDiscovery Services
Digital Intelligence offers an array of services to assist you with your forensic and eDiscovery needs.
DI University
Training is essential to your job and to getting the most value from your tools. Digital Intelligence offers a comprehensive list of courses - available in our state-of-the-art training room or at your facility.
FRED Data Center
FREDC Data Center
FREDC Data Centers are modular, expandable, fully integrated fault-tolerant data storage and high performance forensic networks. This video presents a visual overview of the baseline FREDC Data Center hardware components.
FREDC Data Center Project Implementation
Learn how Digital Intelligence manages FREDC sales, implementation and support to ensure your organization gets the most value from your FREDC Data Center.
Introduction to the FREDC Data Center NetVault Server Backup Software
This video introduces the FREDC Data Center NetVault Server Backup (NSB) software and Qualstar tape library. Best practices for using NSB to archive casework are presented.
Using NetVault Server Backup for Case Archival
This video demonstrates the process of archiving casework using NetVault Server Backup. The complete process is shown: creating a job, allocating media, and removing media to offline storage. Also includes how to restore a case.
Yosemite Server Backup Refresher
This video is a refresher course for existing Yosemite Server Backup (YSB) users. The viewer will regain insight in using YSB to archive case data to tape.
Product Information - TX1 Forensic Imager
TX1 User Interface Overview
This overview shows how to use the TX1 Forensic Imager's touch-screen user interface for device control, job management, and information access.
TX1 Non Network Forensic Imaging
Imaging or cloning storage devices is a basic but critical step in the forensic process. Non-networked forensic imaging with TX1 is demonstrated in this video.
Imaging PCIe Storage Devices with TX1
Image PCIe solid-state storage devices quickly and easily with the TX1 Forensic Imager and PCIe SSD adapters.
TX1 Network Forensic Imaging
The 10 Gigabit network interface on TX1 provides superior performance when imaging to or from network shares. Watch this video to jumpstart your use of TX1 for direct to network forensic imaging.
Restoring an Evidence Drive with TX1
Creating an exact copy of an original evidence hard drive is straightforward with the TX1 Forensic Imager.
Technical Support and Service
Getting Technical Support and Service
When you require technical support or product service, Digital Intelligence is ready to help. This short video will show you how to connect with us when you need to.
Updating TX1 Firmware
Maintain the performance and function of your TX1 Forensic Imager with regular firmware updates.
Introducing OSForensics
In this one-hour video, Charles Giglia (Digital Intelligence's VP of Training) introduces the OSForensics software suite from Passmark Software. Charles covers many of the key features found in OSForensics and explains how this suite differs from other offerings in the market. We hope you will find this webinar informative and that it will pique your interest in learning more about OSForensics!
MD5 Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) Webinar
This webinar recording includes a demonstration of how MD5's VFC software product can be used for digital forensics and eDiscovery investigations.