Essential resources for understanding the capabilities of TD4, our videos offer comprehensive guidance on key features and best practices for use across various forensic scenarios.

Watch practical demonstrations spotlighting TD4 functions & features from navigating the UI to encrypting destination drives. 

Viewers benefit from step-by-step instructions on operations, including:
  • forensic & logical imaging
  • browsing suspect drives
  • drive management
  • settings & maintenance for optimal performance
Accessible in the Digital Intelligence Video Library, these videos provide flexible learning opportunities for forensic professionals. They complement Tableau's support resources, empowering users to leverage the TD4 confidently in their investigative work.

For more information on TD4 Forensic Duplicator, please explore our product and store pages. submit a ticket, or send an email to


Between its server-class hardware, 26 source/target configurable ports (including 16 SATA and 4 NVMe M.2/U.2), and multiuser access from an unlimited number of devices on the same network, Atola TaskForce 2 was developed to serve the needs of modern forensic labs by maximizing forensic imaging power while cutting back on overall acquisition time.

Imaging multiple devices simultaneously increases overall connection complexity.  Built as an exclusive option to TaskForce 2, Atola Device Rack provides organization for up to eight evidence drives while operating the forensic imager. Device Racks positioned on top of and beneath TaskForce 2 offers added drive management and storage for acquisitions involving nine or more HDDs.

TaskForce 2 is designed primarily for in-lab usage and can be mounted into a standard server rack, along with one or two Device Racks.

To learn more about these products or place an order, please submit an information ticket, send an email to or call us at (262)782-3332.


Re-engineered for 2024, the current generation μFRED raises the bar for compact, portable forensic systems.  Built around an Intel i9-14900K, 24 core CPU (6 GHz clock speed), with up to 96 GB of DDR5 RAM, the μFRED is the compact forensic system that you've been waiting for.

Multiple options exist for forensic data acquisitions.  First, the venerable DI UltraBay 4 supports imaging IDE, SATA, SAS, PCIe, FireWire, and USB devices.  For greater capability and flexibility, the DI USB 3.2 connected drive trays may be configured for SATA or NVMe device forensic acquisitions.  The μFRED Tech Specs lists other functions available in the Drive Bay Ecosystem.

The new μFRED began shipping in early January, 2024.


Join us, virtually on February 27, 2024 at 12 pm EDT, for a for a special training session presented by BlackRainbow as they demonstrate how NIMBUS, their integrated case investigation, evidence, and quality management system, can alleviate organizational inefficiencies, more effectively allocate resources, and ensure the integrity of casework.

This 60-minute webinar (with Q&A) will better your understanding of the NIMBUS platform applied to case management with an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Evidence Management
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Workflows
  • Staffing & Asset Management
  • Quality Management
  • Orchestration & Automation

Participation in this webinar is space limited. All webinar attendees are eligible to win an Apple iPad or UltraBlock PCIe write bocking kit. Don't delay, register today

If you have a question, would like more information, or would like to discuss how NIMBUS can help your organization, please contact us at or


Have you ever wished you could switch on the original suspect machine in a field or lab setting?  With MD5's VFC7, you can. 

VFC7 Lab lets the investigator quickly experience the computer environment just like the original user.  With the power to create and mount a VM in literally seconds, VFC7 supports access to software and data faster than a typical "dead box" investigation.  VFC7 Portable provides all the features of Lab, plus the ability to configure a USB flash drive for field triage, imaging, and analysis.  It even lets you take your preferred 3rd party tools to the investigation site.

For LE/Gov or Corporate pricing, please visit the VFC7 page in the Digital Intelligence webstore. 


Looking for a GPU-based solution to help reduce password recovery times? Consider Comino’s Grando Forensic DPR 4090-FT systems.  Comino builds its liquid-cooled systems to maintain peak rates during sustained brute-force attacks using leading commercial decryption programs.

Comino appliances are purpose built with six or four RTX4090 GPUs.   All critical components of the system - the CPU, GPUs, and GPU-related components - are liquid cooled using Comino's proprietary waterblock technology for continuous operation and longevity.  Each system includes a Windows based AMD Threadripper server, 256GB RAM, and one 2TB NVMe storage disk with integrated cooling in a 4U sized form factor, suitable for rack-mount installation or desktop operation. To receive a quote or request additional information, please contact Digital Intelligence for more information.


Technology, it seems, never sleeps.  To that end, we've recently transitioned our FRED, FREDC Data Center, FRED Workgroup Server, and FRED-L forensic products to new, upgraded system specifications. 

FRED workstations are now available with the choice of AMD or Intel (i9 or single Xeon) processors.  New configurations bring greater processing power, increased RAM, faster clocking, and one additional NVMe internal drive to our core forensic workstation group.

The FRED-L forensic laptop update focuses on processing power, faster clocking, a third internal drive, plus a larger UHD 17.3 inch display.

Our FREDC Data Center solution receives upgrades to the SERVER-RM (new core dense Intel Xeon technology) and FRED-RM (more cores/threads, faster clock speed, and more internal NVMe drives).  The SERVER-RM upgrades are also applicable to the FREDC Workgroup Server solution.

As always, our goals are to improve our products by providing proven, high-performance technology at a value price - coupled with the best technical support in the business.

Please visit our product overview and tech spec web pages for a deeper dive into the new FRED configurations.  If you have any questions, we are easy to reach simply by sending a ticket.


The Tableau TD4 Forensic Imager delivers all the features of the end-of-life TD2u -- plus many more.  Physically the TD4 is a smaller version of the Tableau TX1.  Functionally, this product delivers strong forensic imaging performance plus a host of features that typically are only available in higher priced products.  Check out the Forensic Imager Selector to see a side-by-side feature comparison.

If you are looking for a core forensic imager that delivers strong performance at a reasonable price, check out the Tableau TD4.  The TD4 retails for $ 2,599 and can be purchased standalone or as a Digital Intelligence UltraKit.  To order your TD4 or request additional information, please submit an information ticket or send an email to


If your forensic software application favors a greater number of CPU cores, consider a FRED built with AMD Threadripper technology. FRED AMD is our newest system configuration option. 

The new FRED AMD delivers advanced processing power in a single CPU forensic system.  And that's not all.  In addition to Threadripper power, the base FRED AMD includes more features important to our forensic customers:

  • 4 storage drives (500 GB NVMe, 2 x 1 TB NVMe, 4 TB SATA 7200 rpm)
  • Up to 5 additional storage locations (hard drives optional)
  • 128 GB DDR4-3200 RAM standard, configurable up to 512 GB
  • Several different GPU options
  • Standard 10 GbE network connection
  • UltraBay 4d with touch-screen user interface
  • Flexible USB 3.1 HotSwap Drive Bay Ecosystem

The FRED AMD  may be configured with or without RAID drives.

For more information about the FRED AMD, visit our Forensic Workstation Tech Specs page.  Or head to our web store to configure your FRED AMD machine.


Are you looking to add new licenses of Passware products before year end?  If so, this great Cyber Monday promotion from Passware will get you what you need and leave a little jingle in your pocket!  Purchase a new license of Passware Kit Forensic, Passware Kit Mobile, or Passware Kit Ultimate using promo code CYBERPARTNER and receive 20% off the retail price.  This great promotion starts on November 25 and runs through December 2, 2022.

Ordering is a breeze.  Visit the Passware pages in the Digital Intelligence store to make your purchase on-line.  Or email us at  Don't delay.  Take advantage of this limited time offer now! 

Offer limited to the purchase of new licenses only.  Check out all our great products at


Are you interested in learning about a forensic tool that delivers the capabilities you need at a fraction of the price of other software tools?  If so, please plan on attending the "Digital Investigations with OSForensics" session at HTCIA Atlantic City.  This virtual session will be led by Charles Giglia, Digital Intelligence, Inc.'s VP of Training.  Scheduled for September 27, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. EDT, this session will introduce the product, provide a comprehensive overview including a demonstration of the most popular OSForensics features.  Charles will also highlight forensic features unique to the OSForensics product.  If you are registered to attend HTCIA, drop in on Charles' session to see OSForensics in action.  This may be the forensic tool you need to add to your toolkit.


MD5's Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) software makes it easy to virtualize an image of a suspect machine for triage or digital forensic investigations.  VFC creates a virtual machine in seconds, without compromising original data, allowing the investigator to concentrate on the investigation.

VFC allows access to all settings, multiple profiles, hidden files, jump lists, internet history, all applications, restore points, and more!  Follow the link to this video to learn why VFC needs to be in your investigative toolbox.

Click here to buy or to request more info on VFC....


Since its launch, the Digital Intelligence FREDC Data Center has become the defacto standard for fully-integrated, high-performance forensic networks and ultra high capacity forensic data storage solutions.  To help our global FREDC Data Center user community get the most out of this key infrastructure component, three new instructional videos are now available in the Digital Intelligence website video library (

  • Introduction to the FREDC Data Center NetVault Server Backup Software
  • Using NetVault Server Backup for Case Archive
  • Yosemite Server Backup Refresher

Simply follow the link above to the Digital Intelligence video support library, scan the catalog of available videos, and select the relevant video for your FREDC Data Center.


Network performance and fault-tolerant data storage are critical for modern digital forensic investigations.  Finding a reasonably priced and easy to use forensic network solution can be challenging.  If you are considering a network and data server upgrade for your forensic infrastructructure, consider the Digital Intelligence FREDC Workgroup Server (FREDC WGS).

Built to be a fully integrated solution for small to medium sized forensic teams, the FREDC WGS delivers up to 486 TB of RAID6 fault-tolerant storage and outstanding 10GbE network performance.  Our proven SERVER-RM and RAID-RM form the basis of the FREDC WGS solution. To minimize time spent managing your network, we have included our FREDC Data Center software utilities built specifically to lower your overall cost of ownership.

Designed and priced for the small to medium organizations that a high performance forensic server, the FREDC WGS may become a critical part your forensic network plans.  Download a product brochure today.  Or contact Digital Intelligence today with FREDC WGS questions and pricing options. 


Passware, a leading provider of decryption solutions, continues to deliver innovative,  industry leading technology for the global forensic community.  Case in point:  The T2 Add-on module for Passware Kit Forensic (PKF).  Available from Digital Intelligence, Inc. in North America, the T2 Add-on makes PKF the first forensic tool that recovers passwords and decrypt disks for Macs with Apple T2 Security Chips.

The PKF T2 Add-on runs on Windows and macOS.  The target mac must be connected via USB-C or Thunderbolt during the password recovery process.  The T2 Add-on software is available to law enforcement, government organizations, and a select set of private companies.  License cost is US$ 1,990, including one year of free updates.

For more information about the PKF T2 Add-on module or to request a quote, please contact us through our website at


Are you looking powerful forensic software at an affordable price?  If you are, consider giving OSForensics by PassMark Software a try.   OSForensics is a full-featured computer forensics and live analysis toolkit.  OSForensics delivers investigative power in a user-friendly, affordable, and reliable software package.

OSForensics supports the full range of modern digital investigations - from triage through acquisition, analysis, and reporting.  This tool also ticks the eDiscovery box.

Digital Intelligence (DI) is the newest full service partner for OSForensics.  Offering OSForensics software for purchase or our  OSForensic Bootcamp Training, DI is your one stop shop for this new digital investigation tool.  Contact DI for more info.


The new Tableau TDA7-9 PCIe adapter replaces the UltraBlock FireWire forensic bridge, which has gone end-of-life.  TDA7-9 connects to to the UltraBlock PCIe forensic bridge via a 4" or 8" PCIe cable.  TDA7-9 can be used with the Digital Intelligence UltraBay 4/4d or any Tableau imaging product with the appropriate PCIe connector.

The TDA7 is sold separately (US$ 135) or bundled with the TDA7-6-6 and TDA7-9-9 cables (TKDA7-9, $150).  This product replaces the UltraBlock PCIe as the FireWire option in Digital Intelligence UltraKits.  It is available now in the Digital Intelligence webstore.


Successfully extracting and decrypting data from mobile devices can oftentimes make or break your forensic investigation.  Passware, a leading provider of data and device decryption solutions, understands this.  Passware Kit Mobile (PKM) is a new product built specifically to extract and decrypt data from mobile devices and phones.

PKM bypasses or recovers passcodes, passwords, or PIN locks and extracts data from locked or encrypted mobile devices.  The recently launched version  of PKM supports the decryption of over 130 mobile devices, including Apple iPhones, iPads, and Huawei phones.   Watch this short Passware Kit Mobile video for the basics of using PKM to extract data.

PKM is currently available from Digital Intelligence, Inc. as a "beta" annual license that unlocks/extracts up to 300 mobile devices.  A trial version capable of up to five (5) successful extractions is also available.  For pricing, visit the PKM page in our webstore.  Or drop us a line by submitting a ticket at


Is your need to forensically image PCIe based SSD's on the rise?  If so, the Digital Intelligence USB 3.1 - PCIe write blocking kit should be part of your forensic toolkit.  This new write blocking kit delivers great performance and exceptional value.

Imaging speed is always critical and this product delivers.  In controlled tests against the best PCIe SSD blocker available, the Digital Intelligence PCIe SSD device was up to the task - with sustained, peak imaging speeds approaching 400 MB/second.  Please note that measured imaging speed varies across software imaging applications and settings.

In addition to functioning as a forensic (read only) bridge, this device can be switched to a read/write mode for general purpose SSD drive maintenance. 

With a retail price of US$ 350, it's a great value.  The write blocking kit ships complete with everything you need to image m.2/NVMe and U.2 PCIe SSD devices.

Need more information on this product?  Click here to send us a request.  Or if you are ready to buy, visit the USB 3.1 - PCIe write blocker page in our webstore.


Understanding the connections between people, groups, and places is a key aspect of social network forensics.  Specialized software tools, such as Social Network Harvester (SNH) from Freezingdata GmbH (Germany) help forensic investigators collect, analyze, and visualize information distributed across the social network landscape.

SNH has been developed and is used by German law enforcement officers specializing in social network investigations.  Digital Intelligence has partnered with Freezingdata GmbH to bring this software solution to the North American market.  Learn more about Social Network Harvester by visiting our social networks solutions page or at the Digital Intelligence webstore.


Looking for a high performance, compact, and portable forensic workstation?  Look no further than the Digital Intelligence μFRED.  What this FRED lacks in size it more than makes up for in processing power.  Newly updated with an Intel i7-10700K 8-core processor (3.8 GHz / 5.1 Turbo) and 32 GB of DDR4 RAM standard, this little FRED will run circles around competitor systems.  Customers may also upgrade the CPU and RAM (Intel i9-10900K 10-core, 3.7 GHz / 5.3 Turbo, 64 GB DDR4) of newest version of μFRED.

μFRED comes standard with the Ultra Bay 4 forensic bridge, internal connections for up to seven drives, fourteen external data transfer connections, an integrated 2.5 GigaBit Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi, and more!  Visit our μFRED store web page to configure your system today!


Digital Intelligence, Inc. announces the launch of FIRE - Forensics of Internet Related Evidence - a training course developed to help improve  knowledge and use of critical internet related evidence.  This new on-line training course will improve your foundational and working knowledge of internet artifacts left behind by popular Windows browsers and email tools. 

The inaugural FIRE course is scheduled for December 8-9, 2020.  FIRE will introduce you to the tools, technologies, and techniques of internet investigations.  To learn more, please access and review the FIRE course syllabus.

Get quality training at a special promotional price!  Use the promotion code "fire 50" to receive 50% off the normal course MSRP.   Registration is easy with the Digital Intelligence website store. Be sure to enter the "fire 50" code to receive your introductory course discount.  To register and pay now, please visit the FIRE training page in our webstore.


Encryption continues to challenge forensic investigators world-wide.  Join Passware and Digital Intelligence, Inc. to explore the latest features of Passware Kit Forensic and to learn how the Decryptum liquid-cooled GPU accelerators shorten decryption times.  Passware's newest product, Passware Kit Mobile will be introduced.

When: Tuesday October 20th, 2020

Time: 12 noon EST / 9 a.m. PDT

To attend this on-line event, click to Register Now.


Digital Intelligence announces the immediate availability of the Passware Decryptum appliance for accelerated password recovery and decryption.  LIquid cooled, with 12 GeForce RTX 2080Ti graphics cards, and highly scalable, Decryptum units are built for quiet, cool, continuous operation.

Performance benchmarks for single Decryptum units are measurably greater than traditional, air-cooled GPU solutions.  Measured results using Passware Kit Forensic can be found HERE.

In 2020 Digital Intelligence became the exclusive North American distributor for the Passware Decryptum solution.  For additional product information or to request a quote, please connect with us by phone (262.782.3332) or through the Digital Intelligence website TICKETING SYSTEM.


Two new PCIe adapters designed for imaging small form factor SSD's have been added to the Digital Intelligence webstore for purchase:

Both products are available individually or packaged in a new 5-piece PCIe SSD Adapter Bundle.  These new adapters are designed for use with UltraBlock PCIe, UltraBay 4d, UltraBay 4 write blockers and the Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager.

Our Adapter Compatibility Chart provides host and device connection information to assist in product selection.  To learn more about all of our forensic adapters, visit our Drive Adapter Overview page.


Digital Intelligence, an authorized Oxygen Forensic training partner, has added Oxygen Forensic Detective (OFD) Boot Camp to our 2020 course catalog and schedule.  The next upcoming Wisconsin based training will be held at the Digital Intelligence Training Center in New Berlin (Wisconsin) on March 31 - April 2, 2020.

Designed to provide a solid foundation in the analytic and reporting capabilities of Oxygen Forensic 12.0 Powered by JetEngine, students will learn to import multiple extraction formats of Android, Apple, and other data types, using the technology to develop workflows, and gaining the knowledge to immediately put their learning into action.

Students attending OFD BootCamp receive an Oxygen Forensic Learning Management System (LMS) account and in-depth preparation for the new OFD version 12 certification process

To register for OFD Boot Camp, please follow this link to the training section of our website.

Backlog of forensic imaging tasks seem insurmountable?  FRED systems have your back!  The new USB 3.1 HotSwap drive trays serve as general purpose read-write or write-blocked devices that greatly increase SATA imaging capacity.

This new Case Study will clarify the performance of industry-standard forensic imaging software perform used with FRED USB 3.1 drive trays are switch into "forensic mode".


With strong roots in data recovery, Atola engineers have built solid, high-performing forensic imaging products.  Now available from Digital Intelligence, the Atola Taskforce and the Atola Insight are two great solutions for forensic imaging and data recovery problems.

The Insight is a fast, imaging tool with the capability to image damaged or "dead" drives - in a forensically sound manner.  The Taskforce (shown above), with the unmatched ability to simultaneously image up to twelve (12) storage devices , will help you burn through your evidence backlog.   Both models have capabilities to display conditions of damaged drives -- and also to acquire data from severely damaged drives.  The combined capability to image a drive in a forensically sound manner and recover data from damaged or bad drives is not available in other forensic products.

Both products have many additional features.  A product comparison is available in the Atola Atola Taskforce and Insight Product Guide.

Contact the Digital Intelligence sales team for more information.


The new Digital Intelligence Ultra Kit 5 delivers our most popular Ultra Block imaging tools and the flexibility to add tools as needed -- all at a 17% lower price point.  Ultra Kits are core forensic products that are always at the ready for field or lab acquisitions.  The Digital Intelligence Ultra Kit includes:

  • Ultra Block SATA/IDE write blocker
  • Ultra Block USB 3 write blocker
  • Ultra Block PCIe write blocker
  • Ultra Block  Forensic Card Reader
  • Digital Intelligence SATA III m.2 to mSATA SSD adapter
  • PCIe m.2 SSD adapter
  • MicroSATA adapter
  • Power supplies (2x)
  • All required power and sign cables
  • Protective hard-case with custom foam

We've configured the Ultra Kit 5 with flexibility in mind.  You can add additional imaging capability as needed.  SAS, FireWire, and small form factor IDE drive bundles are available for purchase.  And they'll fit nicely into available slots of the protective, custom fit Ultra Kit foam.

To learn more about all of our Ultra Kits, click here


When it comes to accelerated password recovery, GPU based solutions cannot be beat.  The new Digital Intelligence GPU PowerStation is a Dual Xeon based, fully integrated, rack-mounted  solution that holds up to eight (8) RTX 2080 or RTX 2080Ti GPU cards.

DI GPU PowerStations support Passware and ElcomSoft password recovery software.  A  comparison of the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti performance using Passware and ElcomSoft decryptoin software can be found here.

Need to customize your PowerStation?  Dual Xeon processor and RAM upgrades are available for user specific PowerStation to meet your specific needs.

PowerStations are available with up to eight (8) RTX 2080's or RTX 2080Ti's.  Learn More & Buy Now >>>

The new DI GPU PowerStation replaces the previous generation DI PowerStation Bundle.

Questions about accelerated password recovery using the new GPU PowerStation?  Contact us here for answers.


From its innovative MacQuisition origins, BlackBag Technology has been a leader in delivering easy to use, intelligent, and focused solutions to digital forensic problems.  Shop the Digital Intelligence webstore for new BlackLight, Mobilyze, and MacQuisition licenses and SMS renewals.

Government / Law Enforcement customers should contact us for special pricing.


The new UltraBay 4 Portable supports very fast forensic imaging of SATA, SAS, USB 3.0, PCIe, FireWire, and IDE storage devices.   Suitable for both field and lab forensic acquisitions, this high-performance write blocker packages the Digital Intelligence UltraBay 4 in a sleek, fan-ventilated, aluminum enclosure.  UltraBay 4 Portable is used with Digital Intelligence drive adapters, including the mSATA and M.2 SSD, and Tableau brand PCIe adapters.  Supports today's modern, forensic imaging software.

List price for the UltraBay 4 Portable is US$ 1699.  More information is available in the Digital Intelligence webstore.


To assist Digital Intelligence customers better utilize the products we sell, we've added a new Video Library to our website support pages.   The Video Library is accessible from the link on the support drop down menu.

We've added seven new "quick start" videos:

  • TX1 Forensic Imager User Interface
  • TX1 Non-Networked Forensic Imaging
  • TX1 Network Forensic Imaging
  • Imaging PCIe Drives with TX1
  • Restoring an Evidence Drive with TX1
  • Updating TX1 Firmware
  • Getting Technical Support and Service (if you need it)

Check out these new videos and more in the Digital Intelligence Video Library!


Effective Q2 2018, all FRED, FREDDIE, microFRED, FRED-L and FRED-RM systems ship with two (2) NVMe M.2 solid state drive slots.  One slot is used as the operating system (OS) drive.  The second NVMe M.2 slot is open and available for use.   This configuration change adds drive capacity and improves FRED system responsiveness.  FRED systems may be configured with a wide assortment of drive types, capacities, and form factors.  Additional details are available on the web site tech spec pages or in the web store system configuration options.

When it comes to forensic workstations, spending up and buying bigger doesn't always translate into excellent performance.  At Digital Intelligence we spend hundreds of hours testing our FRED systems against leading forensic software applications for one reason:  to help you understand which configuration components matter when you consider a new system or upgrade.  Join Jim Woodring, a Senior Systems Engineer at Digital Intelligence, for the informative session Forensic Systems Hardware - What You Need to Know for Optimized Software Performance at EnFuse 2018.  Check the EnFuse session schedule for date and time.
It's not uncommon for seasoned examiners to be slightly intimidated by macs and the mac OS.   But why?  Armed with fundamental file system knowledge and a solid forensic plan of attack, accessing mac files can become second nature.  Sara Treleven, a forensic examiner in the Digital Intelligence Forensic Services practice, will show you the way at the Fear Not! Calming Your Anxiety of Mac File Systems session on Tuesday June 5 at TechnoSecurity.
Personal and business cloud data storage is growing at an accelerating rate.  The convenience of the cloud is good.  But what happens when cloud storage is used with malicious intent?  Kathy Helenek, a Forensic Examiner/eDiscovery Specialist in Digital Intelligence's Forensic Services practice, will speak on Traces from the Cloud: Forensic Analysis of Cloud Storage at EnFuse 2018.  This session will provide investigative insight into data traces left behind cloud use.  Check the EnFuse 2018 program guide for session date and time.

Be prepared for unexpected forensic imaging challenges with the Digital Intelligence UltraKit + TX1.  This new UltraKit provides forensic practitioners a complete set of UltraBlocks (SATA/IDE, SAS, USB 3, FireWire, and PCIe), the powerful new Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager, the UltraBlock Media Card Reader, plus a full set of cables, adapters, and power supplies.

This new UltraKit replaces and upgrades the UltraKit + TD3 version.

Information on this new kit can be found on our UltraBlock page.


Today Digital Intelligence launched its new website with a completely redesigned look and feel, an enhanced web store and new customer support capabilities.  The new site improves the user experience with efficient access to product, professional services, training and support information and an enhanced web store shopping experience.

The new DI Web Store provides benefits to online customers in several key areas. Customers will receive improved information when orders are placed.  Customers receive Digital Intelligence's negotiated shipping rates during order checkout, allowing customers to select the most timely and cost effective shipping method.  The automation and integration between website and payment systems provides immediate payment confirmation when completing online transactions.  

About Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence, a privately held company located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA,   is a full service provider of solutions including FRED computer systems, digital forensic and eDiscovery Professional Services, digital forensic products, and training to law enforcement, government, intelligence, legal, and corporate customers world-wide.

The FREDC™ Data Center now supports application software resource sharing and centralized license management.  License dongles connected to FREDC's Server-RM USB 3.0 ports are shared resources for workstations on the FREDC Data Center's 10 GbE network.  Examiners can access, use, then release license dongles when needed without needing the dongle physically installed in their workstation.  This exclusive FREDC feature supports departmental license sharing and may offer a more cost efficient model for software licensing and management.

The Digital Intelligence FREDC Data Center is a fully integrated forensic file and data server purpose built for digital forensics processing and evidence management.  FREDC's are widely deployed with systems installed across North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.