Icon pre litigation consulting

Pre-Litigation Consulting

Prior to litigating, conduct an assessment of the case and relevant ESI to determine the technical merits of the claims before engaging in potentially lengthy and costly litigation.
Icon esi identification and preservation

ESI Identification & Preservation

Define and execute an ESI identification and collection plan for the purpose of securely storing all relevant electronic data and documents associated with future or current litigation.
Icon early case assessment

Early Case Assessment

Analyze relevant case facts and complete a preliminary ESI review to determine the risk in terms of time and financial resources of the litigation.
Icon 26f meet and confer consulting

26(f) Meet & Confer Consulting

Lead or participate in comprehensive, early meetings with litigating parties to work out agreements on ESI preservation, ESI production, methods of filtering irrelevant information, and protection of privileged information.
Icon data analytics and filtering

Data Analytics & Filtering

Review, process, and report on ESI to categorize, extract, analyze, and report on data patterns and data behavior.
Icon esi processing

ESI Processing

Acquire and process ESI to extract native file metadata, native files, images, emails, and textual content in a normalized format that may be loaded into a document review platform.
Icon ediscovery neutral services

eDiscovery Neutral Services

Conduct litigant neutral discussions to resolve issues relating to the identification, preservation, collection, review, and productions of ESI, potentially leading to a negotiated settlement.
Icon review hosting

Review Hosting

Secure, cost-effective, collaborative online document review using industry leading eDiscovery software platforms.
Icon email threading

eMail Threading

Time-saving email analysis that identifies message relationships by gathering and reporting all forwards, replies, and reply-all messages. People involved, message attachments, and data/time signatures are efficiently presented as a linked conversation.
Icon technology assisted review

Technology Assisted Review

Use of advanced software to improve the efficiency and results of document review through techniques that include deduplication, production of visual analytics, automating discovery workflow, intelligent searching, and reporting.

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