Drive Adapters

Drive Adapters

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Forensic imaging tools like write blockers and duplicators are powerful tools. But, as good as they are, these tools won't do you any good unless you can actually connect them to the storage device you need to image. Drive adapters play a crucial role by making these connections possible.

The enormous variety of storage devices leads to a similarly wide variety of adapters. Digital Intelligence is here to help you select the correct adapters for your needs.

Solid State Devices (SSDs)

SSDs have become very popular due to their small size, high data transfer speeds and shock resistance. SSDs are often found in laptops and other portable electronics.

Msata and m2 adapter 441
mSATA and M.2 Adapter
Pcie m2 ssd 441
PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter
Pcie ssd 5 piece adapter bundle 441
PCIe SSD Adapter Bundle
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SATA Devices

SATA is the dominant drive interface today. Generally speaking there are fewer variations among SATA drive interfaces, and consequently there are fewer variations of SATA drive adapters.

Sata lif adapter 441
SATA LIF Adapter
Microsata adapter 441
MicroSATA Adapter

IDE Devices

IDE is the oldest of the drive interfaces still in popular use. Due in part to its age, IDE has a large number of variations.

Among the IDE drive adapters you will also find the PCIe-IDE Adapter. The PCIe-IDE adapter is used to connect "standard" IDE drives to the PCIe host port found in several modern imagers and write blockers.

Pcie ide 441
PCIe IDE Adapter
Zif kit adapter 441
ZIF Kit Adapter
18 inch laptop adapter 441
1.8" Laptop Drive Adapter
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Zif pin adapter 441
ZIF to Pin Adapter
Multipack adapter kit 441
MultiPack Adapter Kit

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