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Blade Type SSD Adapter

SKU: A4800
The Blade Type SSD Adapter is used to adapt your Mac Air BLADE type SSD to a SATA data and power cable.

Note: This adapter is only compatible with the original MacBook Air SSD (128Gb or 256Gb). Please see below for more details.

About the Blade Type SSD Adapter

A connectivity solution for the Blade Type SSD's (128Gb or 256Gb) that Apple has installed in their MacBook Air laptops. This rugged pocket size enclosure will easily connect your MacBook Air Blade Type SSD to SATA data and power cables for acquisition through your SATA write blocker.


These adapters will only work with the original MacBook Air that used a 128Gb or 256Gb SSD. It will not work with newer MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or any other manufacturer's Blade Type SSD. Below are some pictures of the old and new MacBook Air SSDs so you can determine which one you have.

Left - Old 6+12 Pins MacBook Air SSD (Compatible)
Right - New 7+17 or 12+16 Pins MacBook Air SSD (Incompatible)


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