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Atola Apple PCIe SSD Extension Module

SKU: D3020

Atola PCIe SSD extension module for Apple products.  Designed to enable forensic imaging from drives used in:

  • MacBook Pro, Late 2013 - 2015 production years
  • MacBook Air, 2013 - 2015 production years

The following Atola Insight operations and features are supported for Apple drives:

  • Drive imaging with 400 MB/s speed (24 GB/min)
  • Damaged drive support
  • SSD Trim
  • Hash calulation
  • Comparison with pattern image files, or other drives
  • Media scan
  • Various device utilities including disk editor, media recovery, and more
  • Write protection

This adapter extension module is designed to work with the Atola Insight and Atola Taskforce forensic imaging and drive recovery systems.

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