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Atola Device Rack

SKU: D3012R

Built exclusively for TaskForce 2, Atola Device Rack neatly organizes up to eight evidence drives while imaging. Device Rack can be placed either on top of or below TaskForce 2 hardware unit or mounted on a server rack.

Each of the eight numbered bays can contain one 3.5" or 2.5" drive and is high enough for the tallest SAS drives. Bay numbering suggests the most convenient scheme to place drives connected to the respective SATA or SAS ports of TaskForce 2.

Fast & reliable drive swapping

For convenient placement and removal of a drive in Device Rack while its maintaining stable position, each drive bay has:

  • notch for your hand to grab a drive firmly
  • corners to hold a drive in place
  • SSD fallout blocker on back side of bays to contain smaller drives securely

Fans on the rear with speed control

To cool down the drives inside during resource-consuming operations, Device Rack is equipped with two fans situated on its back panel. The fan speed is adjustable (slow or fast mode) via physical switch. To power the fans, connect a USB-B cable plugged into one of TaskForce 2 USB ports.

Operate TaskForce 2 with multiple Device Racks

To conveniently store all 16 drives connected to 16 SATA and SATA/SAS ports, use two device racks placed above and below the TaskForce 2 hardware unit.

Server rack-mountable

TaskForce 2 is designed primarily for in-lab usage and can be mounted into a standard server rack, along with one or two Atola Device Racks. The size of the rackmount for both TaskForce 2 and Atola Device Rack is 3U.

Includes (1) Atola Device Rack unit.
Each Device Rack contains eight numbered bays sized to fit a 2.5" or 3.5" HDD, including the tallest of SAS devices. Device Rack can be placed above and beneath TaskForce 2 hardware unit or mounted in a server rack.

Atola Device Rack is an exclusive option for Atola TaskForce 2 only.

Size and weight


  • 17.04 x 14.96 x 4.61 in (442 x 380 x 117 mm)
  • Required server rack height: 3U


  • 12.79 lbs (5.8 kg)

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