Belkasoft Evidence Center X Forensic

SKU: S8136

Belkasoft Evidence Center X Forensic edition is a complete solution for conducting in-depth investigations on all types of digital media devices and data sources, including computers, mobile devices, and the cloud.  X Forensic edition combines the functions and features of X Computer and X Mobile editions in a single license solution.

Key features include:

  • All features / functions of Belkasoft X Computer and X Mobile forensic software
  • Acquire and analyze data from cloud sources
  • Use forensically sound checkm8-based acquisition to extract data from the range of iPhone devices (from iPhone 5 to iPhone X), including locked iPhones without a jailbreak
  • Access devices encrypted with whole disk encryption such as APFS, Bitlocker, TrueCrypt, and others

One year license includes SMS.  Renewable annually.

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