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Comino DPR RTX3090-FT/5 GPU Server

SKU: D9617

Comino DPR 3090-FT/5 liquid-cooled GPU accelerated server for password recovery and decryption.  May also be used for GPU enabled forensic processing.  The integrated appliance includes:

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3975WX 32-core, 64-thread based server
  • AMD WRX80 motherboard chipset
  • Linux and Windows 10 64-bit Pro operating system
  • 256 GB DDR 3200MHz 25600 CL16 RAM
  • 2TB NVMe Gen4 SSD
  • 5 x NVIDIA RTX3090 GPUs, total CUDA cores 52,480 (10,496 cores / GPU)
  • Comino integrated liquid-cooling system with controller and self diagnostic function.  Includes 6 x fullcover waterblocks for 5 x GPUs and 1 fullcover waterblock for AMD Threadripper CPU
  • 2 x RJ45 10GbE LAN port
  • 2 x PSU: 1500W 80+ Platinum, Gold power power supplies

This fully integrated server is suitable for desktop or rack-mount (4U) use.  RAM and storage upgrades are available.

Operating environment 5C to 25C ambient temperature.  19C full load recommended operating temperature.

Supports password recovery software including Passware Kit Forensic, Elcomsoft, and Hashcat.

Standard warranty is one year parts, two years labor from date of purchase.  Extended warranty plans are available for purchase.

Options for the Comino system are available.  Please contact us if you are interested RAM, disk storage, or GPU card  configuration changes.

This system ships integrated from the manufacturer and includes:

  • Comino DPR 3090-FT/5 in 4U rack-mountable enclosure
  • 2 x AC power cables - US NEMA 5-15 (B) plug type
  • USB stick with system settings
  • Rack handles and slides
  • 1 liter extra coolant


passwords / second
MS Office 2013+
RAR 5.x
APFS (encrypted)
Apple iTunes Backup / iOS 10.x+
MS Windows / BitLocker
Blockchain wallet version 3
Cryptocurrency wallet

HASHCAT 6.2.5 Benchmark Results**

hashes / second
0 MD5
347.7 GH/s
100 SHA1
110.5 GH/s
1700 SHA2-512
15,942.5 MH/s
6211 TrueCrypt RIPEMD160 + XTS512
4,144.9 kH/s
7100 macOS v10.8+
6,801.7 kH/s
11300 Bitcoin / Litecoin wallet.dat
69,315 H/s
11600 7-ZIP
4,939.9 kH/s

* = benchmarks performed by Comino engineering using Passware Kit Forensic 2022v1 (performance +/- 3%)

** = benmarks performed by Comino engineering using HashCat 6.2.5 (performance +/- 3%)


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