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Detego Media Acquisition

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Detego® Media Acquisition is a feature-rich tool to acquire and view data from hard drives, USB devices and other removable media. Automated workflows speed up the acquisition and processing of portable external drives, SATA and IDE drives, media storage cards, etc.

This tool has the potential to speed the investigative process by simultaneously forensically imaging and analyzing multiple removable media devices at once, allowing the operator to view the extracted data in ‘real-time’ so they can make on the spot decisions.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive user Interface: Easy-to-navigate panel for users to examine and tag acquired data, featuring a built-in omni-viewer capable of opening extracted files regardless of format.
  • View live files: Use the Detego® Media Acquisition triaging solution to inspect logical data as it’s streamed ‘live’ into the platform.
  • Image multiple devices: As a single case often has more than one exhibit, this tool speeds up the investigative process by simultaneously forensically imaging and analyzing multiple removable devices at once.
  • Recover deleted files: Identify, and where possible, retrieve deleted files. The acquired data can also be hash matched during this process as well.
  • Fast learning curve:  ‘Plug and play’ solution with simple options that result in rapid results for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Auto-analysis: Automatically match incoming data against a set of predefined keywords, hash lists and other features, such as skin and face detection.
  • High-speed extractions: Define the logical acquisition parameters to extract all files or individual target arteiacts, such as pictures, videos, documents and emails to decrease investigation times.
  • Multiple forensic output options: Image a target device in either an EO1 or DD format.

One year license with SMS standard.  Two and three year licenses are available.

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