Hancom md live

Hancom MD-Live

SKU: S3010

Hancom MD-Live is mobile forensic software for performing live on-scene extraction and analysis of mobile devices.

The MD-Live supports logical extractions and quick data analysis.  Easy to learn and use, MD-Live supports selective acquisition without privacy infringement, screen captures / recording of smartphone display mirrored, and forensic process recording by an external camera of the internal recording feature.

Key features include:

  • Mobile forensic software for on-scene investigation and triage
  • Ideal forensic tool for the smartphone of witnesses or victim(s)
  • Selective acquisition of evidence data for privacy protection
  • Recording and capturing of mirrored smartphone display
  • Screen recording for audit or justification of the forensic process
  • Convenient and straightforward usage with an intuitive user interface
  • Minimize work time with automated steps using a high-speed analysis engine

One-year license, renewable annually.

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