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IDE Adapter Bundle For UltraKit v5

SKU: A4020

IDE Adapter Bundle for Ultrakit v5

The UltraBlock IDE adapter bundle adds small form-factor IDE forensic imaging capability to Digital Intelligence Ultra Kits.  Designed as an (optional) add on to the Ultra Kit v5, Ultra Kit v5 + TD2u, and Ultra Kit v5 + TX1, this bundle is also compatible with previous generation Ultra Kits.

This hard drive adapter bundle includes a selection of drive adapters: TDA5-18 (1.8” IDE), TDA5-25 (2.5” IDE), TDA5-ZIF (ZIF IDE) and associated cables.

The IDE Adapter Bundle for UltraKit v5 Includes

  • TDA5-25     2.5" IDE adapter
  • TDA5-18     1.8" IDE adapter
  • TDA5-ZIF     IDE ZIF adapter
  • TC6-2           IDE power & signal cable
  • TC20-BNDL ZIF cables   


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