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OSForensics Software Site Llicense

SKU: S8040S

OSForensics by Passmark Software is a full-feature, complete digital investigative software application.  OSForensics supports digital investigations from field triage through evidence acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

OSForensics provides powerful, easy-to-use features that:

  • Allow you to discover relevant data faster through high performance file searching & indexing
  • Identify evidence and suspicious activity through hash matching & signature analysis
  • Build custom reports, add narratives, and attach other tool reports to OSForensics reporting
  • Manage your case flow from start to finish

Site licenses are a convenient way to provide OSForensics support for an unlimited number of investigators within a single organization and single country.  This is an one year subscription, renewable annually.

OSForensics license is electronic (dongleless) only.

This item cannot be purchased online. If you are interested in learning more or purchasing this item, contact Digital Intelligence directly.

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