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Oxygen Forensic Detective

SKU: S9100

Oxygen Forensic Detective is a highly functional software tool used for digital forensic investigations of mobile devices and cloud data sources.  Can be used to:

  • Acquire data from over 19500 devices (Android, BB, iOS, WP, etc.)
  • Import backups and images (iTunes, Android, JTAG, Chip-Off)
  • Parse data from 430 unique apps and 7320+ total app versions
  • Recover a wide range of deleted data
  • Perform data analysis (Social graph, timeline, key evidence)
  • Search data by criteria including keywords
  • Recover passwords to encrypted backups and images
  • Bypass screen lock on popular Android OS devices
  • Acquire locations history and media files from drones
  • Extract data from cloud sources (iCloud, Google, Microsoft, etc.)
  • Import and analyze call data records
  • Visualize route and common location of several users
  • Export data to popular file formats, such as PDF, RTF, XLS, SML, etc.