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Passware Certified Examiner Online Training


Passware Certified Examiner (PCE) Training provides computer forensic professionals the knowledge and skills to detect, analyze, and decrypt electronic evidence in the most efficient manner possible.  This online course builds is a stepping stone to becoming a certified decryption expert.

PCE is online, self-paced, and geared toward providing forensic examiners a complete education in the use of Passware Kit Forensic.

Students learn to detect encrypted evidence, recover passwords for all common file types, analyze memory images, recover passwords for mobile backups, decrypt hard drives, and much more.

The course consists of 15 video sessions, varying from 15 to 30 minutes each.  Each session concludes with a "knowledge check" -- a 3 to 5 question quiz.

Participants in this training course may take the exam to receive a Passware Certified Examiner (PCE) designation.

Prior knowledge or use of Passware Kit Forensic is not required to take this course.

Course objectives:

  • Gain extensive knowledge on encrypted electronic evidence
  • Know how to locate, process, and decrypt encrypted files and disks
  • Obtain required knowledge to set up password recovery attacks and to create and use custom dictionaries
  • Discover how to maximize password recovery performance: hardware acceleration and distributed password recovery
  • Understand what encryption artifacts can be extracted from memory images

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