Usb 31 to pcie write blocker front label
  • Usb 31 to pcie write blocker front label
  • Usb 31 to pcie write blocker with adapters
  • Usb 31 to pcie write blocker with u2 drive
  • Usb 31 to pcie write blocker kit
  • Usb 31 pcie write blocker connected to fred l
  • U2 pcie ssd adapter
  • M2 pcie ssd adapter
  • Usb 31 to pcie write blocker cables
  • Usb 31 to pcie write blocker power supply

USB 3.1 - PCIe SSD Write Blocker Kit

SKU: W2455

The Digital Intelligence USB 3.1 - PCIe write blocker kit is used to create forensically sound images of PCIe connected  NVMe M.2 and U.2 SSD storage drives.  This imaging device is sold as a kit only and includes all components necessary to quickly and efficiently image M.2 and U.2 SSD's.  Requires third party forensic imaging software for operation.

This device is user switchable from write blocked (read-only) to general purpose (read-write) for non-forensic applications.  LEDs provide quick status during device operation.

Connects to host system computers using USB 3.1 technology for fast, convenient operation.

Kit includes quickstart guide for operational reference.

The USB 3.1 - PCIe Write Blocker Kit includes:

  • USB 3.1 to PCIe write blocker
  • M.2/NVMe to PCIe SSD drive adapter
  • U.2 to PCIe SSD drive adapter
  • USB 3.1 gen 2 type A to type C cable
  • USB 3.1 gen 2 type C to type C cable
  • Power supply with US-style line power cord
  • Quickstart guide

USB 3.1 to PCIe SSD Write Blocker

USB 3.1 gen 2 type C
Input Power
Bayonnet style, 12V DC

Read only / read write, enables or disables write blocking

PCIe Power & Activity

Steady green indicates power and USB connected, device ready

Flashing green indicates active data transfer in progress

Write Protection
Steady red indicates write blocking enabled

Operating System
Compatible with Windows 10 Professional, 64-bit                              
Physical Environment

Supply Voltage
+12 VDC@5A

Write blocker

3.625" L x 2.4375" D x .8125" H

Write blocker kit
13.0" L x 9.75" D x 3.1875"H

Write blocker
5.7 oz (170 gm)
Write blocker kit
2 lbs 11 oz (1220 gm)

Operating temperature
0 to 55 degrees C (no airflow)                                                                     
Storage temperature
-40 to 70 degrees C
Relative humidity
up to 90% (non condensing)