Connecting a TX1 to a FREDC

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Dave Kelsey
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If you're experiencing slow transfers or connectivity issues when using a TX1 to image to your FREDC, follow the instructions below:

1.) Determine a User and Password for the connection. It can be an existing EXAMINER or create a new user (in the EXAMINERS group - which should be the default).

2.) Setup DNS and DHCP as you would any workstation (see instructions in the FREDC Operations Manual). The MAC address of the TX1 can be obtained from Network Settings.

3.) Connect the TX1 to a 10Gb switch port.

4.) Check the network settings on the TX1 - change/confirm MTU=9000 and confirm the IP address from above.

5.) Add a new "Destination" on the TX1. Choose CIFS share and supply the server (fredc) user and password. List the shares and select an EXTRAID, typically EXTRAID1.

6.) MAKE SURE NOT TO USE SMB3 Protocol - it's a radio button at the bottom of the screen. Any SMB2 version works great.

7.) Save the entry for quick use in the future.

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