Unable to Install or Uninstall Tableau Firmware Update

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Dave Kelsey
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This article will help if you're trying to install the latest version of the Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) and have problems executing it after installation, or you cannot uninstall a previous version of TFU such as v6.87.

The uninstall process cannot find the files it needs to uninstall successfully. Install and execute the Microsoft MSI Cleanup Utility to remove the old Tableau Firmware Update. You can then proceed to install your firmware update program.

If this MSI Cleanup Utility does not resolve the problem try copying the v6.87 install package to your C:\temp directory and try the uninstall again. The link to the old firmware update is https://digitalintelligence.com/files/Setup_Tableau_Firmware_Update_v6_87.msi.

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