Resetting the SuperLoader - Yosemite

Written By:
Jim Woodring
Last Edited:

If you are experiencing "Object Not Found" errors with your Yosemite Server Backup, please reset your Superloader. 

  1. From the Linux Command Line (GNome Terminal or Konsole) # service YTBackup stop
  2. Physically turn off the Superloader via the rocker switch on the rear of the unit
  3. Unplug the tape drive and wait at least 5 minutes
  4. Plug the unit back in and power on the Superloader
  5. After the POST completes and the Superloader display reads "System Ready", from the Linux Command Line #
  6. Start the Yosemite Service # service YTBackup start
  7. After the Superloader has initialized, open the Yosemite Backup Administrator (from the Server-RM Desktop).  Confirm normal operation.

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