No Drive Mapping at Logon

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Jim Woodring
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NetLogon.exe is compiled with a tool that can cause it to be identified as a false-positive in many antivirus/malware programs, including Windows Defender.  When NetLogon.exe is accessed, Windows Defender quarantines it (and sometimes the shortcut in the Programs\Startup folder).

The resulting behavior is that no drive mapping to FREDC shares will occur.

Adding "Exclusions" to Windows Defender will stop this behavior.  The folders to be excluded are:

"C:\Program Files\Digital Intelligence"

If you have Yosemite Server Backup you will need version 1.81, otherwise, the latest version (currently 1.91) is required.

Either version can add these exclusions automatically.  Please add the following stanza to FCCInstall.ini

1 = "\\fredc\APPS\NetLogon"
2 = "\\fredc\NetLogonDI"
3 = "C:\Program Files\Digital Intelligence"
4 = "\\fredc\APPS\FCCInstall"
5 = "\\fredc\DIWIMS"

Once this has been updated, you can re-install the executable.   Disconnect all network drives first with:

"Net use * /del /y" from the command prompt.  Then, re-run \\fredc\APPS\FCCInstall\FCCInstall.exe.

Please contact us to get the correct version of FCCInstall for your system.

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