Adding a 10Gb NIC to a FRED Workstation

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Jim Woodring
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Here's a checklist for adding a 10Gb NIC to your FRED Workstation:

Copy the Intel ProSet64 driver from APPS\Drivers\Intel to a local drive (or download it via

Hyper-V Manager

a.       Select the host system in the left pane

b.       Select “Virtual Switch Manger”

c.       Select “Default Virtual Switch”

                                                               i.      Update Connection Type to "Internal Network"

3.       Add or Remove Programs

a.       Remove “Intel Network Connections” utility

4.       Install the new NIC Driver

a.       Do not install advanced features

5.       Go to "Settings", search for and run the "Network Reset"

       Shutdown and physically install the new NIC

6.       StartUp – Press “DEL” to update the BIOS

a.       Disable the motherboard NICs – typically under “Advanced Features”

b.       F10 to save and restart

7.       Hyper-V Manager (revert previous changes)

a.       Update Connection Type to "External Network"

b.       Select “…Converged Adapter…” in drop-down

8.       Run FCCInstall (version 1.82 or later) – don’t select any Optional Software

9.       Document new MAC Address and confirm Host name

a.       Update YAST – DHCP record for the host

b.       Update your Network Documentation

10    IPCONFIG release and renew to confirm correct DHCP config

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