Resetting the Yosemite Catalog

Written By:
Jim Woodring
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At the direction of DI support, you may be asked to reset the Yosemite Catalog or ("version the database").

Before proceeding, please take a screenshot of the Devices/Slots view and confirm that you know what the contents of each tape in the loader are and what slot they are in.

From the Server-RM desktop, select Terminal (LXTerminal, Konsole, or GNome Terminal) and type the following:

1.) cd /usr/local/barracuda/yosemiteserverbackup

2.) service YTBackup stop

3.) mv database database.YYYYMMDD (where YYYYMMDD is the date)

4.) service YTBackup start

5.) exit (to return to the desktop)

After 2-3 minutes, open the Yosemite Server Backup application from the server desktop.  Update the Domain Security: File --> Domain Config --> Domain Security, un-check "require password".

You'll note that there will be no backups defined and all tapes will be in an unknown state.  You can then import a tape (or tape set) in order to access its contents.

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