Shutting Down and Starting Up a FREDC

Written By:
Dave Kelsey
Last Edited:

When you down a FREDC system, first make sure any Workstations are disconnected or logged off, including FRED-RM.

1. Shut down the SERVER-RM (preferably a clean shutdown).
2. If you have Slave RAID chassis' that are connected to a Master RAID shut down the Master first, then the Slaves.
3. Power off the remaining attached devices.

Basically you don't want to power off attached devices that are being controlled by the SERVER-RM or Master device as that would indicate a failure to the component in charge.

Bringing FREDC back up is just the opposite.

1. Power up the Slave RAID(s) first, then the Master RAID.
2. Power on the other devices in the rack and, when everything has initialized, power on the SERVER-RM.

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