EnCase Locks up During Device Detection

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Dave Kelsey
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If EnCase locks up at about 5% during its device detection, check that there are no drives >2TB in FRED's Hot Swap bays. EnCase, versions 6 and greater, has a detection issue when a drive >2TB is attached to a UASP enabled USB3 interface.

Digital Intelligence HotSwap bays are designed to utilize UASP firmware. UASP protocol is the industry standard for high performance USB devices. Guidance Software is currently working to resolve this issue. You have a couple of options for a "work around" to alleviate this issue now while Guidance works to resolve the issue.  Both options reduce the performance of the bays by about 5%.

Option 1
Convert the HotSwap bays from USB3 to SATA. This involves:

1. Opening the tower case and removing the USB bridge board from the back of the HotSwap rack.
2. Installing a SATA cable from the rack to the motherboard.
3. Enable "Hot Plug" in the BIOS for the newly connected port.

Option 2
Load BOT (bulk only transport) firmware to USB bridge board.

1.  Download the firmware from Digital Intelligence. Unzip the folder to a USB drive.
2.  Power on system to be updated and boot to Windows.
3.  Insert the USB drive.
4.  Remove any drives from HotSwap bays.
5.  Key on (power on) 1 HotSwap Bay to be updated.  ONLY 1 HotSwap Bay should be turned on.
6.  Launch executable on USB drive.
7.  Turn off HotSwap Bay as instructed.
8.  Repeat for any additional HotSwap bays to be converted.

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