Windows Utility for the Areca RAID Card

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Dave Kelsey
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This  utility gives you access to the Areca RAID controller while in Windows:

1. Download, unzip it somewhere you'll remember and run the extracted ArcHTTP_Install.exe.
2. After installation, navigate to where you installed the ArcHTTP utility and run it. You should be able to get to it from Start Menu/All Programs/MRAID/ArcHTTP/ArcHttpSrvGUI.
3. After launching it you'll see a new icon in your lower right tray area. Double-click on it to open it.

Note: You cannot use Microsoft Edge with this utility. If Edge opens by default, copy the address in the URL bar into a different web browser.

4. Expand the detected RAID controller in the left pane. Then, when you click on your card, you will be prompted for a User Name and Password (use admin and secret).

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