ITBM Driver Not Available

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Dave Kelsey
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If you receive this error on your new FRED, there are two conditions which can cause this; an i7-7800X or i9-7980XE CPU.

1. If you have an i9-7980XE CPU

This CPU was released AFTER we built the system image, so the information about this CPU was not plugged into ITBM. Uninstall Intel Turbo Boost Max from Programs and Features, then install it again. It's available at

2. If you have an i7-7800X CPU

The i7-7800X CPU uses the turbo abilities that are already present in Windows 10, which negates the need for this Intel utility. You'll need to remove this program from the system, which will have no affect on performance since it's not loading anyways.

A.  Disable the ITBM Service

Type services.msc in the start bar. Right click on the ITBM process and "End" it. Then right click and "Disable" it.

B. Disable the ITBM task in Task Scheduler

Run Task Scheduler and disable ITBM.

C. Uninstall ITBM from Programs and Features

Go to Programs and Features and uninstall ITBM. Restart the system.

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