Hot Swap Bays Disconnecting

Written By:
Dave Kelsey
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Newer 2019 Microsoft USB3 drivers can cause the Hot Swap bays to continuously disconnect. The drivers we've found more reliable (v1.16.38.1) are available at

Unzip them and apply to the AsMedia Extensible Host Controller in Universal Serial Bus Controllers of Device Manager. Use the "Search for drivers in this location" option and point to the asmtxhci.inf_amd64_885b71731ab90d0d directory. After you apply the driver to the Extensible Host Controller, apply the other Hub driver (asmthub3.inf_amd64_d51694ebc3f18205 directory) to any Unknown devices that may be created by the controller driver.

When completed, make sure that both the Controller and Hub drivers are the same version.

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