Flashing Cursor During Bootup

Written By:
Dave Kelsey
Last Edited:

If your FRED POSTs but does not boot from the Hard Drive or DVD and displays a blinking white cursor, make certain that there are no USB devices plugged into the system. Software dongles, thumb drives and some USB printers have been identified as being devices that computer systems can try to boot from, if attached.

Another reason for a flashing cursor on FRED systems could be that the OS drive is no longer being detected due to a connectivity issue or the drive has gone bad. Go into the motherboard BIOS at boot up (hit DEL at the FRED splash screen), go to the BOOT menu and check if your drive is being identified in the Hard Drive BBS Priorities menu. If it's not listed, the drive or the drive tray are not properly functioning. If it's listed, but not in position #1, make the #1 drive the OS drive. Then make sure in the BOOT menu that Boot Option #1 is the Blu-ray (HL-DT-ST device) and Boot Option #2 is your OS drive.

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