Host Protected Areas and Device Configuration Overlay (HPA and DCO)

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Dave Kelsey
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Do UltraBlocks support HPA/DCO?

Yes, with the latest firmware UltraBlock IDE and SATA bridges can detect and override both HPA (Host Protected Area) and DCO (Device Configuration Overlay) regions on a hard disk.

HPA and DCO refer to specific mechanisms that can be used in IDE and SATA hard disks to "hide" regions at the "end" of a hard disk. Commands related to HPA and DCO are defined in the ATA specifications for hard disks, and these commands are often used by computer manufactures to hide, and thus protect, recovery partitions located at the end (or top) of the hard disk.

In theory, HPA and/or DCO commands could be used in order to hide user data as well.

To upgrade your Tableau IDE or SATA bridges with support for HPA/ DCO, please download the latest UltraBlock Firmware Update.

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