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Dave Kelsey
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Does the UltraBlock USB work with USB memory card readers?

The UltraBlock USB works with some USB memory card readers. Whether or not the UltraBlock USB works with a specific USB memory card reader depends on the internal design of the memory card reader.

For example, USB memory card readers often support more than one type of memory card/slot. If the USB memory card reader reveals itself on the USB interface as a single USB device (or "function" in USB parlance), then the UltraBlock USB will generally work well with the USB memory card reader. However, if the USB memory card reader reveals each memory card/slot as a different USB device - that is, the USB memory card reader presents itself as a compound device - then the UltraBlock USB may not work as expected. The UltraBlock USB will "lock onto" the first mass storage device it finds, ignoring the others. If a memory card is inserted into a slot in the reader which isn't the "first" device, then the UltraBlock USB won't find the memory card.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know without testing how a given USB memory card reader is implemented. USB memory card readers which have only a single memory card/slot will generally work with the UltraBlock USB.

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