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Dave Kelsey
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What kinds of USB devices does the UltraBlock USB support?

The UltraBlock USB is currently designed to work with USB Mass Storage Class devices. This includes most USB "thumb drives", many USB digital cameras, Apple iPods with USB interfaces, hard disks in external USB enclosures, etc.

From a technical standpoint, the UltraBlock USB currently supports USB devices which conform to USB Class 8 (Mass Storage), Subclass 2 (SFF8020I), SubClass 5 (SFF8070I), or Subclass 6 (SCSI). Additionally, the T8 requires that the USB device implement Protocol 50h (Bulk Only).

The T8 originally supported only Subclass 6 (SCSI). Support for Subclasses 2 (SFF8020I) and 5 (SFF8070I) were added as of Tableau Firmware Update v3.30. This firmware update corresponds to T8 firmware date codes of Oct 19 2005 and later.

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