FireFly IDE vs UltraBlock IDE

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Dave Kelsey
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How does the FireFly IDE compare to the UltraBlock IDE?

The FireFly IDE bridge is an ultra-compact forensic bridge for use with IDE hard disks. To make the FireFly as small as possible, several features were removed that are found on the UltraBlock IDE. Namely, the FireFly lacks a USB host interface, power switch, dual power supply options, host detect, and drive detect LEDs.

Even though the FireFly has fewer features than the UltraBlock IDE bridge, the FireFly achieves imaging times comparable to the UltraBlock and retains key UltraBlock IDE features such as the write block, activity, and power LEDs and configuration switches. Moreover, the FireFly connects directly to the back of the IDE hard disk, eliminating the need for an IDE signal cable.

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