UltraBay Firmware Update

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Dave Kelsey
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The procedure for updating the UltraBay 3D is as follows:

Download and install the latest version of Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) from https://www.guidancesoftware.com/tableau/download-center. You must be executing version 6.98 or higher to detect and update the UltraBay 3D.

If you have issues installing the new version or uninstalling an old version please see the article at https://digitalintelligence.com/support/knowledgebase/13/docs/95-unable-to-install-or-uninstall-tableau-firmware-update.

Once v6.98, or greater, is installed launch TFU. The window will initially be blank as the UltraBay 3D is not in firmware update mode. In order to set the UltraBay 3D in firmware update mode hold down the "U" button and push the power button. Continue holding the "U" button until the device is detected by TFU.

TFU will show you if there is a firmware update available for the device. If it is available you can click the "Update" button to upload the firmware to the device. Once the firmware has been uploaded you will be instructed to power cycle the UltraBay 3D and allow approximately two minutes for the firmware to be applied. During this time the Activity light will be illuminated until the firmware update is completed.

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