Utilizing the Internal Tape Drive in a FRED

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Jim Woodring
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This procedure requires the installation of the Datastor software which was included with your FRED purchase and a LTO tape.  You will need the “free software” coupon and code to download the software.  You will also have to download:

DotNet3.5 – Search “download dotnet 3.5 offline installer”

Microsoft C++ Redistributable – Search “microsoft c++ redistributable”

Quantum LTFS tool – Search “quantum LTFS for windows 64-bit installer”

Step 1.) Insert an LTO tape into the tape drive

Step 2.) Insure you have the Microsoft LTO Tape driver.  From device manager, you will either see the device under “Tape Drives” or “Other Devices”.  In either case, please check the driver and make sure it is the Microsoft driver – not the Quantum driver.  To switch (or load) the Microsoft Driver, select “Update Drivers”, “Browse my computer”, “Let me pick….” and select the LTO manufacturer and the “LTO Tape Drive” driver.

Step 3.)  Confirm/Install the Dot Net 3.5 framework

Step 4.) Install and Activate the Datastor software

Step 5.) Select “Storage” and “Configure Vaulting” then select “Tape Storage” and “Configure Tape Devices”.  Exit the software when completed.

Step 6.) Install the C++ redistributable

Step 7.) Install the Quantum LTFS software and assign a drive letter to the device

Step 8.) Open the Datastor software and select “Storage” and “Add a Store”

To perform a backup, select “Local Plans” then “Create Protection Plan…”

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