Unable to see UltraBay II with Tableau Firmware Update. ACS-6xxx device error.

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Dave Kelsey
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If you have a newer system with USB3 support and you have performed a Windows 7 update, you may experience an issue where the Tableau Firmware Update does not see the UltraBay II.

The Windows update fails to recognize our USB3/Firewire card correctly and it installs an ACS-6xxx driver. This driver will cause the USB3/Firewire card to malfunction and won't allow you to use any USB3 or Firewire800 ports or devices. This issue will be apparent if you see an exclamation and the device listed as "ACS-6xxx" in Device Manager.

To fix this, uninstall the ACS-6xxx device in Device Manager (be sure to tick the "Delete the driver software for this device" box). Then when you "Scan for Hardware Changes" in Device Manager it should install the correct driver.

Note that you DO NOT need to be connected to the Internet to do this.

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