How to Remove the Side Panel From a FRED or FRED DX

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Dave Kelsey
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Performing the following will NOT void your warranty.

Below are the instructions for accessing the inside of your FRED or FRED DX case. Removal of the the side panel and inspection may be required if your system was roughly handled during shipping and cabling has become disconnected. This may be evident by absent hard drives or no video during initial boot up.

1. Unlock the keylock at the bottom front bezel of the case. The key that unlocks it entirely silver and is included in the toolbox.

2. Once it's unlocked you can pull out on it a bit at the bottom. While doing this you need to pull downwards (towards the ground) on the loosened bezel to release the clip on the top. This clip attaches into the top of the case.

3. Once the front bezel is removed you can loosen (don't remove) the four screws on the front left side. Once these screws are loosened the side panel can then be flipped outwards from the front.

Check that no cables have become disconnected, make sure all peripheral cards are snug in their slots and re-seat the cabling attached to any non-detected device.

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