DFF - Digital Forensics with FRED
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DFF - Digital Forensics with FRED


The Digital Forensics with FRED course is designed for Forensic Examiners, eDiscovery Specialists and First Responders. This one day training highlights all of the features of the FRED forensic workstation and provides a basic foundation needed to utilize the equipment to complete a forensic preview, triage or duplicate copy. The course also covers optimal configuration and installation locations for the most popular digital forensic software along with maintenance and troubleshooting for the FRED.


Course attendees will gain a complete understanding of the features, functions, and capabilities of their new FRED Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device.


This course is designed for a novice Digital Forensic or eDiscovery practitioner with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows operating system functionality.

To gain the maximum benefit from this course
• Read and understand the English language
• Be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment and Course Outline


Course Outline

The course will follow adult learning principles through training aids such as presentations, diagrams, and practical instructor led examples.  Each topic covered will be presented in either one of two 50 minute sessions followed by review questions.  Students will be given the opportunity throughout the course to ask questions and discuss objectives covered in more detail.  Ample time will be alloted for hands on exercises to reinforce the topics covered.

The course will be structured as follows:

Introduction and Digital Intelligence FRED System Overview

  • Introductions by students and course instructor
  • Overview and discussion of the various FRED systems and configuration options
  • Discussion of additional Digital Intelligence hardware to include write blockers, adapters, storage solutions, etc.

Getting to Know FRED

  • Reviewing the components that make up a FRED system
  • Understanding the UltraBay write blocker and its function
  • Reviewing the use of the removable drive bays
  • Reviewing the use of the Forensic Card Reader for removable media

Troubleshooting and Updating

  • Identifying which components that will require periodic updates
  • Understanding how to perform updates using appropriate software
  • Discussing common technical issues and appropriate solutions

Optimal Configurations

  • Discussing the various RAID options available with FRED
  • Identifying storage / drive configurations that optimize the performance of forensic software being used

Back Up and Restoration

  • Discussing the use of the system restore disc (provided with FRED)
  • Discussing the restoration of the SUSE Linux disc (provided with FRED)
  • Discussing creating a user backup of the FRED system
  • Discussing the restoration of a user back up of the FRED system

Forensic and eDiscovery Overview

  • Identifying typical elements of a digital forensic investigation
  • Identifying typical elements of an eDiscovery investigation

Forensic Triage and Acquisition

  • Using forensic tools to conduct a forensic investigation
  • Explaining key factors used to triage digital media
  • Explaining different digital forensic acquisition options
  • Explaining MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hashing relative to forensic acquistions
  • Discussing common forensic acquisition issues
  • Triaging digital media and forensic image files
  • Creating duplicate images of various media types
  • Converting forensic duplicate formats
  • Combining a split forensic image into one image file



Date Time Location
May 06, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
May 29, 2024 (Wed) 9am-4pm
Central Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
Jun 24, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
Jul 01, 2024 (Mon) 7am-3pm
Virtual Classroom
Jul 15, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Central Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
Aug 12, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
Sep 09, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
Oct 21, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Central Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
Nov 18, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom
Dec 09, 2024 (Mon) 9am-4pm
Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Virtual Classroom

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