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Social Networks

Figuring out how people are connected is a crucial part of most forensic investigations, and social networks present forensic investigators with new opportunities and challenges in tracing social connections.

Specialized software tools, such as Social Network Harvester (SNH) from Freezingdata Gmbh (Germany) help forensic investigators piece together information distributed across the social media landscape. SNH has been engineered to address the opportunities and challenges associated with the tasks of collecting, analyzing, and visualizing social media information.

Investigate quickly with intelligent software

The Social Network Harvester (SNH) is an automated, investigative solution for law enforcement agencies, management consultancies, law firms, detective agencies or others who collect and evaluate data from social networks.


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The Social Network Harvester (SNH) comprehensively analyzes and visualizes friendship relationships, posts, images, videos, comments and likes in an easy-to-use user interface. Identify previously unknown groupings and intersections. See important elements of a network at a glance.


Snh graph


Save time and resources with the social network harvester thanks to fast and automated data acquisition. The integrated visualization enables a direct and quick preview. If necessary, you can export the entire network, or just parts of it, for further processing. Local storage gives you full control over the data at all times.


Snh analytics

Software for Social Network Forensics

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Social Network Harvester

Freezingdata GmbH

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Social Network Harvester

Key Features

  • Save public contact lists
  • Save group members
  • Establishing mutual friends
  • Saving photo albums including videos
  • Save timeline
  • Determination of user IDs, including user search
  • Detection of relevant profiles
  • Data explorer
  • Community discovery
  • Integrated network visualization
  • Preview of the contact network
  • Representation of complete and individual sub-networks
  • Friends lists as a table
  • Contact networks as a graph
  • Export for analysis tool (Maltego, IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook, Gephi, etc.)
  • SNH Analytics


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