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PCIe Adapter for FireWire Devices (TDA7-9)

SKU: A1530

This adapter connects a FireWire device or Mac booted in target disk mode to an approved write-blocked PCIe device for the purpose of forensic triaging and imaging.  Approved PCIe write blocking is available in the FRED UltraBay 4 and 4d, the UltraBay 4 Portable, the UltraBlock PCIe, and the TX1 Tableau Forensic Imager.

FireWire (C2200, C2500) and PCIe (C3005 or C3010) cables are required for proper connection and operation.  Cables sold separately or as a kit (A1645).

PCIe SSD adapter for FireWire devices.  For use with UltraBlock PCIe, UltraBay 4d, UltraBay 4, UltraBay 4 Portable, and Tableau TX1 products.

  • PCIe Adapter for FireWire Devices (TDA7-9)


  • 4" PCIe Cable

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