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Social Network Harvester Software - 1 Year Subscription

SKU: S1700

Social Network Harvester (SNH) software license, one year subscription.  Includes first year of support and maintenance service.

SNH is an automated, investigative solution for law enforcement, law firms, detective agencies, or others who collect and evaluate data from social networks.

SNH software is used to collect, analyze, and visualize public social network information and relationships.

Key features include:

  • Save public contact lists
  • Save group members
  • Establish mutual friends
  • Saving photo albums including videos
  • Save timeline
  • Determination of user IDs, including user search
  • Detection of relevant profiles
  • Exploring and understanding public user data
  • Integrated network visualization
  • Preview of the contact network
  • Representation of complete and individual sub-networks
  • Friends lists as a table
  • Contact networks as a graph
  • Export for analysis tool (Maltego, IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook, Gephi, etc.)
  • SNH Analytics

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